Zero Waste Bag is the solution to single use plastic and paper bags.

bag with big green logo in a shopping cart

Customers are concerned about the environment. Many bring their own bags, but don't always have one when needed. Our Zero Waste Bag is an innovative way to reduce single use plastic. Customers buy a bag at checkout for $10, use the bag as long as they'd like, then return it to the store for $10 store credit. Stores get more return customers while also helping the environment.

The benefits of Zero Waste Bag

  • Reduce single use plastic and paper bags
  • Promote an environmentally conscious image for your store
  • Increase return customers

How does it work?

Customers buy a Zero Waste Bag at checkout for $10. Customers with receipt can later return the bag to your store for $10 store credit. The store ships returned bags to us for cleaning. We ship the cleaned bags back to your store.

How much does it cost?

The store buys a starter kit. When you ship returned bags back, we charge $2/bag for cleaning.

Will I make money?

The bag costs $6. You sell the bag to customer for $10. If the customer does not return the bag, you make a nice profit. If the customer returns the bag, you make profit on a return customer spending >$10.

How do I measure the impact on my business?

We found that most stores do not sell many reusable bags. Most customers already have too many reusable bags at home. Our Zero Waste Bag solves this problem. More returned bags means more return customers and fewer plastic bags.

Frequently asked questions

The bag is made of a very durable cotton canvas that can be washed many times.

We use ozone. Ozone is a very effective disinfecting agent that kills germs, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. It's widely used in hospitals, hotels and restaurants. In fact, the fresh, clean, spring rain smell that we notice after it rains is usually the result of ozone.

All the bags sold at your store will have your logo. We want to help promote your store and increase customer loyalty.

We provide services to repair returned bags. We believe in the 4 R's. Reduce, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle. By taking care of the full product life cycle, we can create a zero waste economy.

In 2019, grocery shoppers made an average of 1.6 shopping trips per week. 1

One Zero Waste Bag
can save 83 plastic bags per year.