What is buying in bulk?


Queenie Peng

Buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a lot of groceries at a time. “Bulk” means bulk bin. Usually, stores buy a lot of food at a lower price. The products are from local farms and contain natural ingredients.

In Zero Waste Map, we are showing stores where you can bring your own containers/jars to refill. You can get any amount of food you need without using any packging.

Jars of spices on the shelf
Jars of spices

How does it work?


Weigh your empty container at the store and write down its weight (the tare).


Fill your container with food.


Go to checkout where stores weigh the full container and deduct the tare. You only pay for the product.

Buying in bulk is a fun experience. It makes your house look very nice without breaking the bank.