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Ian Heraty

We built Big Green Company to end single use plastic. But why? What’s wrong with plastic? It’s recyclable, right?…right?

Plastic Problem

Plastic packaging is designed for immediate disposal. This would be fine if plastic was recyclable, but it’s not. Less than 10% of all plastic waste ever generated has been recycled.

When plastic accumulates in landfill and the environment we all suffer. At current rates there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight).[2] All this plastic waste has huge consequences. Microplastics can contaminate drinking water and the food chain. One study estimates we’re eating a credit card worth of plastic every week. [3] The plastic trash you discard eventually circulates right back to your food.

Life without plastic?

We decided to stop using all single use plastic. It turns out, it’s really hard to stop using single use plastic. No more food delivery. No more plastic food packaging. Almost everything you buy comes wrapped in plastic packaging. No wonder nearly 50% of the plastic waste generated globally in 2015 was plastic packaging.[1]


Based on our experience, we created to help people find places to shop and eat without creating single use waste.

You can help! It will take everyone working together to solve this problem. When you find a place that allows bring your container for zero waste shopping, add your trip to the