How Zero Waste Bags work


Ian Heraty

Plastic bags pose a risk to the environment, wildlife, and our health. Many shoppers now bring their own reusable bags, but don’t always have one when needed. Returnable bag is an innovative way to reduce single use plastic.

-Customer buys a returnable bag at checkout.

-Customer uses the bag (as long as they’d like)

-Customer returns bag to the store (with receipt) for store credit.

What’s the benefit to the store?

Returnable bag with big green company logo
Returnable bag

1. Reduce single use plastic and paper bags

In a landfill, or in the environment, plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to degrade[1]. In the meantime they get stuck in trees, clog sewers, eaten by animals, and blown into the ocean. The best solution is to use fewer plastic bags.

2. Promote an environmental image for your store

Our returnable bags are durable, biodegradable, high quality and reusable. Having your logo on a returnable bag promotes your store and elevates your brand.

3. Increase customer loyalty and return customers

A returnable bag gives the customer a reason to come back to the store. This forms a relationship with the customer and a strong connection to the community.

Source: [1]Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme