Big Green Company got into semi-finalist for social impact!


Queenie Peng

Just got this from Product hunt. Our project to reduce plastic that Ian Heraty and I worked on a year ago got into the semi-finalist for social impact!

Product hunt email — Semi-finalist of Social Impact
Golden Kitty Awards 2021

When pandemic hit, we were so fed up with all the plastic takeout we generated for staying at home. We decided to do something about it — that’s how big green company got into picture — Discover where to shop zero-waste. website home page

However we were so struggled at the time for the site is completely free and we were not making any money.

One of our users from Pennsylvania — Ray. Messaged us about her problem. She runs a mobile refill van that she goes all over the place and doesn’t fit into the one address big green category. We wanted to solve her problem and that’s how come into picture — a place for all the pop ups and food trucks. home page

It was quite a memorable year and we both learn a lot. We want to keep working on solutions to make the world a better place beyond us. We have received so much support from all over the world. Thank you all so much.❤️

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